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Our Group Loans

We also assist registered groups with loans to finance their individual businesses. Our group loans target traders who are into similar business. Our business coaching model provides the necessary technical assistance to run their businesses successfully. A registered group between 5 and 10 people can apply for this kind of product.

Our SME Loans

We are here to help business meet their business aspirations the right way. We know that, the best banking relationship are based on the Win-Win solution. Core to our SME loans, we offer innovative credit and financing solution that address your specific business growth needs. With our SME loans, we help you cushion your working capital to be liquid in other to remain in this competitive business environment.

Our Business Loans

Credence provide timely financial solutions to business to achieve efficient and profitable operations with flexible terms of payment. Our business loans have very competitive rates with less cumbersome process. Cash flow statement of the business is key is assessing this kind facility. Our business loans have been very helpful in business expansion because of its innovative nature.

Our Corporate Loans

At this challenging moment ,most businesses are facing financial difficulties. We offer loans with moderate interest rate coupled with a flexible duration to help businesses bounce back to life.

The funds obtained can be used for capital infusion, purchasing or renovating properties as well as buying new machinery or upgrading the technology etc.
Our corporate Loans will help you meet planned and unplanned expenses for your household and businesses. Count on us, for we are credible.

Our Personal Loans

Our personal loans are geared towards providing timely cash for salaried employees to acquire assets, pay bills, and for personal development. Most employees due to various demands on their monthly salary, find it difficult if not impossible to save to acquire consumer items such as electrical appliances and furniture. Our personal loans have flexible terms of payments. 

Business Advisory Services

We help organisations to work smarter and businesses to grow faster. We consult with our clients to build effective organisations, innovate and grow, reduce costs, manage risk and regulation and leverage talent. Our aim is to support you in designing, managing and executing lasting beneficial change.

We help companies achieve strategic and operational excellence through sustainable improvements and more efficient processes that lower costs, increase cash flows and enhance customer satisfaction.
We can develop or appraise strategic business plans through a rigorous analysis of our clients’ market environment, competitive landscape and internal capabilities. 
We also help you to determine the right strategic priorities for profitable growth, offer support and practical solutions for achieving these growth objectives.


Customer Satisfaction: Our sense of innovation and creativity is driven by our constant desire to convey absolute satisfaction to our customers who are at the heart of everything we do..


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